No matter where you’re at on your pet’s end of life journey, we can help.

Quality of life assessment

The love for your pet can make objective decision-making a challenge. We can guide you through a series of questions to determine your pet’s true comfort, happiness, and health and provide suggestions on how to know when it’s “time.” 

End of life consultation

The decision of when to euthanize your pet is highly individual, but knowing what to expect during the euthanasia process can help you feel more at peace when that time comes. Our veterinary team can evaluate your pet, discuss options for hospice care, show you how to monitor your pet for distress, and talk you through the euthanasia process.

Compassionate and pain-free euthanasia

When the time is right, we can provide a peaceful and respectful goodbye, ensuring your pet is pain and anxiety-free at every step in the process.

After care arrangements

You may wish to take the body with you for burial or we can make arrangements for general or private cremation.

Pet loss and grief support resources

Pet owners can be surprised by the weight of their grief following the loss of a pet. As pet lovers and professionals, we understand the emotional distress that a pet’s passing can bring, and we can provide understanding and support with a library of pet loss resources.