Dale City, VA Veterinary Care

Located just six minutes northeast of Woodbridge, Dale City, VA is home to many of Staples Mill Animal Hospital’s clients and patients. Our Dale City veterinary clients put preventative pet healthcare at the forefront of their lifetime wellness plans for their pets and understand it is key for overall well-being.

An Overview of Dale City, VA

Dale City was named for the rolling dales, or valleys, of the area and was the brainchild of real estate developer, Cecil Don Hylton. Each of its nearly two dozen neighborhood communities end in ‘dale.’ The street names within the neighborhoods themselves tend to begin with the first letter of the neighborhood they are in. To make the city’s layout even more convenient, street names progress alphabetically along Dale Boulevard when followed from East to West!

Part of Prince William County, Dale City covers 15-square miles of land and includes more than 20,000 households. Interestingly, the ratio of men to women in Dale City is almost exactly 50/50. For every 100 women, there are 99.3 men. Nearly 60% of households are comprised of married couples living together. The city boasts a median age of 31 years and, with a lower unemployment rate then the state as a whole, the most common occupational field in Dale City, VA is construction.

For recreation, Dale City residents can visit its several parks, including Cloverdale Park, Greenwood Farm Park, Hillendale Park, Logan Park, and Andrew Leitch Park. It is located within short distance from the Potomac Mills Mall, which is the second largest shopping mall in Northern Virginia and the largest outlet mall in the country.

Serving Dale City’s Dogs and Cats

Dale City is an annex of Woodbridge and home to more than 65,000 residents. With a neighborhood named Barksdale, it is no surprise the city is home to hundreds of happy, healthy pets.

Dale City Veterinary Care and Services

Veterinary care for pets in Dale City, VA begins with a solid preventative health care plan. We stand by the belief that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Taking the steps to ensure your Dale City pet is protected from environmental dangers (i.e. ticks, fleas, and parasites) and routinely screening for illnesses will lead to earlier detection, a healthier pet, and a more padded wallet. Preventative pet health care significantly reduces the lifetime cost of care for your pet by preventing illness or addressing it before it becomes a serious, life-threatening situation.

Pet Care in Nearby Woodbridge

Staples Mill Animal Hospital is located just a quick drive down Minnieville Road from Dale City. In less than 10 minutes, Dale City residents can access all of our services. Our Woodbridge veterinarians have a special interest in Dale City, VA pet care and can help you mitigate health risks for your pet by ensuring that preventative health care is a part of your pet’s regular veterinary care. When you bring your pet to us for Dale City, VA veterinary care, you can rest assured that Dr. Stephanie Shane and her compassionate, experienced staff will provide you and your pet with the care and support you both need for a long, happy life together.